Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott voted Sporting News Rookie of the Year for 2016

Ezekiel Elliott is just getting started for the Cowboys, and he’s already in elite company. Based on voting by his fellow NFL players, Elliott is Sporting News’ runaway Rookie of the Year for 2016.

He is the first Cowboys player to win SN’s award since Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett in 1977, and the third overall. The other winner also was a running back, Calvin Hill, in 1969.

In the bigger picture, Elliott has a strong case as the best rookie running back of all time. Taking the untouchable, all-purpose dynamo Gale Sayers out of the equation, Eric Dickerson is Elliott’s only competition among those who played running back exclusively.

Despite a challenge from Elliott, Dickerson kept his two rookie Cheap Jerseys For Sale records from his 1983 season with the Rams most rushing yards (1,808) and most scrimmage yards (2,212). Elliott ended up with 1,631 and 1,994 yards, respectively.

Take something, instead, from this postseason: Brady and the Patriotsa€offense took a beating from the Texansa€defensebut still stitched together 34 points thanks to special teams, takeaways and the adjustments of the Patriots receivers.

The Steelers piled up yards against the Chiefsbut never scored a touchdown. The Patriots limiting the damage from the so-called Killer Bs this week would be a fatal blow. Theyre capable of pulling it off.

Vinnie Iyer: The Patriots have been very good at running the ball, especially in scoring position, with former Steelersrunning back LeGarrette Blount. The Steelers, however, are riding the best feature back in the league, Le’Veon Bell.

New England was able to keep Bell in check during the Cheap Jerseys Good Quality regular season meeting, as he had to make up for his quiet rushing day with a big receiving effort. It helped that, with Landry Jones needing to fill in for an injured Roethlisberger, the Patriots could focus on stopping the run first.

2017 NFL draft set a new record for number of trades

If it seemed like there were a ridiculous number of trades in the 2017 NFL draft, you were correct. This year’s draft set a new record for trades. The previous record was 34 trades, set in 2008.

The trades kicked off early in the first round this year, with the Chicago Bears swapping picks with the San Francisco 49ers to move up a spot and draft Mitchell Trubisky. After that, the trades kept coming.

Round 1 boasted some of the better linemen on both sides of the ball in Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Trent Williams, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Mike Iupati. It also saw one of the better safety duos come off the board in Eric Berry and Earl Thomas.

Lastly, and this is SO important, they do so much of this from a three-point stance. They are comfortable doing the uncomfortable.

I’m highlighting Stanley here to save some space, but you’ll see the same thing when you watch Decker. I’ve used film from the 2016 Fiesta Bowl between Ohio State and Notre Dame. Stanley is efficient with his movements and punches. It’s clear to me why he was drafted highly and has a future in the NFL.

These two clips show Stanley pass protecting from a three-point stance in pass situations, which is rare in college. His stance is efficient, and his kicks are Cheap Jerseys Good Quality balanced. In the first clip, he shoots his hands with his head back, not leaning. When the defender goes to swipe his arm down, he replaces well.

In the second clip above, he misses with his hands, but the punch is Cheap Jerseys NBA China still generated from the right part of his body. Again, Stanley is balanced in his stance. He does an excellent job of resetting his outside hand, getting inside of the defender, and taking control of the block. Because his feet are in a good position, he’s able to stop the bull rush, while resetting his hands. Good work.