Kansas City weather for Chiefs-Steelers playoff game favors who?

Arrowhead Stadium provides the Chiefs arguably the NFL’s best home-field advantage.

That is, unless the weather forecast in Kansas City looks terrible and Le’Veon Bell is coming to town.

Irsay said the decision was made at the right time. He has a list and could add more potential candidates to it. It’s a big decision and not one Irsay will rush. He also doesn’t believe he’s missed out on any quality candidates by waiting until late January to part ways with Grigson.

We needed to make a change, Irsay said. Intuitively, you get the feeling that a change was necessary. I really felt the time was right for some new direction and the vision of our football program.

Irsay confirmed that Pagano will be the coach in 2017. Irsay added that he’ll see where the team is next year.

I hope Chuck can be our coach for many years to come, Irsay said. Improvement has to be made and he understands that. He’s fired up for 2017 and understands what we have to do.

Vice president of football pperations Jimmy Raye will interview for the GM job and will go with Pagano and the scouting staff to next week’s Senior Bowl.

I prefer continuity, but this move was right right move, Irsay Cheap Elite NFL Jerseys said. There’s excitement in people’s eyes in the building today. There’s a lot of excitement, but a Cheap Fishing Jerseys tinge of sadness to leave somebody behind who worked so hard to bring the Colts a championship.

So now Tomlin has to deal with both what he said and what Brown did. He might not care, but the coach has been handed an unnecessary chore during a week of heightened preparation.

Tomlin ended his talk by telling his team to keep a low profile. Well, the players might have to go subterranean now thanks to Brown.